New Idea (SoA)

Well, my friend Megan has a livejournal, and I really like the way she does her posts so I'm going to steal her style and topic choice style (hehe I'm evil meg :) )

Well, she does alot of hers on music which I'm not as knowledgeable on, so instead I guess I'll try anime?

So here's the first preview post of SoA (Starai on Anime):

*spoiler warning: there may be spoilers in this review though I will try to keep it spoiler free!*

Fruits Basket is a wonderful manga. The story mostly follows Tohru Honda, a high school girl, who has just lost her mother in a horrible car accident. By a chain of events she ends up living with Shigure, Yuki, and Kyo Sohma. They seem normal, but the Sohma's are cursed. Whenever they are hugged by a member of the opposite gender, they turn into a certain animal of the zodiac. Thus the story begins...

It starts out really sweet, your typical shojo with Tohru being your stereotypical perfect girl character. However, as the story goes on it gets deeper and darker. It kind of reminds me of an onion, each character has a ton of layers of secrets and backstories.

My favorite character in the story is Kisa. I won't tell you anything about her (that could be spoiler-ish) but just know I think she is adorable!

Although the manga is amazing the anime is only ok. It was actually very good until the ending. They created the anime when there were only 7 books out (there are now 23) so they had to make up an ending that actually worked for an anime. The ending they did create makes it pretty much impossible to continue with the series because it is very far from what actually happens in the manga.

~Preview Over~

Tune in next time for the actual review!

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Long time no post!

Wow! I have not posted in FOREVER!

I guess I've just been extremely busy... Anyway, this is what I've been up too~

I am currently in three plays: The Murder Room (The fall play at my performing arts high school... we open next week! yikes!), Fatebook (a play at the CHILDRENS THEATER OMG XD) and Rent (the spring musical at my school)

So besides that, I was an extra in the Coen Bros movie, and I've been singing in mound-westonka pop singers every sunday (rehearsals) and some other days for rehearsals/performances

Plus, I have all academic classes right now :( and one of them is AP so I have a TON of homework

I also spend pretty much all of my spare time talking to my friends from around the world on msn (I <3 you Meg, Neko, Menchi, and Yasa-chi ^^)

I officially registered for Anime Detour yesterday. I'm registered for fanime too, just need to pay!

I really need to start my christmas gift list... it'll be here before we know it!

Well, I hope to talk to you guys all soon!

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Long time no post!

Wow, I haven't posted in FOREVER. I've been really busy with school, acting, and other stuff so... I'm back! (for now at least...)

I got into the school play (a big deal because I go to an art school and a lot of people auditioned and there are only 6 parts in the play), and I auditioned for the Musical and One Act competition. I didn't get call backs for either of them, but the rent callback list said that you can still be considered for a part if your not on the callback list. I'm nervous! The list is posted tomorrow *crosses fingers* wish me luck onegai!

Anyways, I have to go for now! Bye all ^^

Also does anyone know how to change my settings so people that aren't my friends can message me?


 !!!! Ok, so I had a 17 day hiatus because of camp and now everything is crazy! Also IF ANYBODY WANTS AN ICON, I WILL MAKE YOU SOME FOR FREE!!! Anywho, I am so completely packed with stuff to do this summer it's almost too much to handle! Oh well, I'll make it through!

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*sigh* why can't japan be a magical fun place to live! I mean, the culture is so awesome but i've heard the living condition is kinda bad :( i'm sad i wanna live there!


Ok, so I've realized that I don't even like him anymore. Wow, this is just dandy lol. Actually it makes me feel way better and more free. Plus I finally realized what makes me like a guy  most, and that's pretty much being asian. I'm serious, even "ugly" asians are cute to me... (okay, so most of them.) I mean honestly, I CAN'T be the only one who thinks this... am I? Lol. Anyways, for all those people who aren't members of news_jpop but still read my posts (idky... but for those people that do) this site ( has like EVERY news song to download. it's AMAZING so go there ^^ 

there it is again :o

Anyways, i'm bored so i've decided to randomly be RANDOM

I'm also gonna start a contest. I will make a PERSONALIZED news layout for whoever wins it ^^

I'll have more info later byezzz

<3 me


HE TEXTED BACK! I texted him again and when he texted back I swear I had a heart attack! I was really, really happy. He had his phone taken away because he was texting me too much (which I officially have decided is the cutest thing ever!) Anyway, I already said this, but fanime was amazing! I can't wait for next year. I can't wait for this summer either! Here's my summer:

Hang out with him *squeals* 
Go to parties
Go to camp
Go to drivers ed
Go to more camp
Host foreign exchange student

I'm so excited!